5th Generation: Professor Yoland Lim

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Born in Singapore into the famous Lim Family of Chinese Physicians, the 5th generation of a long line of healers in his family. As a boy Professor Yoland Lim would wake up early to practise Meditation, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Wei Kung, Fong Shui, Medicine and Buddhist philosophy before following his father to see patients.  

  • Chi Kung (breathing exercise)  
  • Nei Kung (internal breathing, meditation and internal strength)
  • Wei Kung (physical concentration of strength like that of Karate) 
  • Fong Shui is an art based on the wind and water principle of living and environment

On sunrise after breakfast he would go with his father to look for herbs, sometimes taking patients along to help them understand and educate them about Fong Yang therapy. During the search for herbs he also learned the principles of the famous Fong Yang Healers. On returning he would prepare herbs and medical mixtures, part of this eastern medical philosophy is the famous Shi Luo Dou system of healing.

  • At the time of 350BC China was in a state of civil war, out of this turmoil there emerged three outstanding philosophers. One of which being Meak Tze who along with the development of considerable medical knowledge at the time also developed the skills associated with Kung Fu. Meak Tze’s disciples practiced wisdom and humanitarianism along with Kung Fu and the healing of the sick. They travelled to all parts of China and selectively passed on their healing art and medical knowledge to a chosen few. From there onwards there the Fong Yang philosophy was born where their primary purpose was to help the poor and those persecuted, correct their wrongs, heal the sick and drive out the evil spirits.

Professor Yoland Lim came to Australia to establish a practice integrating the Fong Yang Healing art with western medical principles and established Professor Yoland Lim Health Care on 22nd February 1972. Professor Yoland Lim is known as the pioneer of acupuncture in Australia. 

He has previously lectured and worked at Veterans General Hospital and the Tai Chong Medical College, Taiwan in conjunction with Professor Cheah Chong in the 1970's and 1980's. Professor Yoland Lim has also worked in various hospitals around the world such as:

  • The Royal Melbourne Hospital Clinical Science Department where he researched and developed micro-surgical techniques as well as carrying out his passion in phytomolecular (herbal) medicines 
  • Prince Henry's Hospital (now known as Monash Medical Centre) and 
  • St Vincent's Hospital.

He established a highly successful pharmaceutical company, developing, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of herbal products. These were sold throughout Australia and world-wide, and even exported to China, Taiwan, Singapore and South East Asia. His laboratories were the first in Australia to be licensed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for the manufacture of Chinese medicine. Following its listing on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2000 before this was purchased by an international company.


Professor Yoland Lim then concentrated on the integration of Eastern Wisdom and Western Science, combining his childhood background and modern scientific methodologies with Professor Frank Ng of Monash University as well as his development and research in phytomolecular (herbal) medicines he returned to concentrate on his clinical practice. 

Professor Yoland Lim achieved world recognition, appearing in numerous newspapers, TV shows and news and magazines all over the world. In Australia, he was resident acupuncturist for TV programs and radio stations and was regular of the Mike Walsh and Bert Newton shows among many others.

Professor Yoland Lim is the co-author of numerous scientific papers. He has also written four bestselling books: 

Professor Yoland Lim has been referred as the best acupuncturist, and Professor Yoland Lim Health Care renowned as the best acupuncture treatment centre, known and recognised worldwide. Articles often referring to Professor Yoland Lim Health Care as the "Best Clinic", with its luxurious setup, where no expense has been spared and puts the patient first in looking after health and well-being.


  • Visiting Professor to the Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (one of the world's most prestigious universities)
  • Membership of the Academic Committee of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, advisor and coordinator to the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 
  • Justice of Peace in 1980.
  • Executive Council Member Specialty committee Paediatrics of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Society 
  • Awarded the Australian Centenary Medal in 2003 for services to the community through Chinese Medicine and export of Chinese Medical Products.

Professor Yoland Lim and Dr Justin Lim lecture at international conferences in South East Asia, on integration of Eastern and Western medicine, and scientific developments. 

As practicing Buddhist, Professor Yoland Lim meditates daily, practices (and believes) in karma, the 4-precepts and 8-way path following in the healing footsteps of his forefathers. The Lim Generations have dedicated their lives to bring the medical philosophies of East and West together for the improvement of health and society.