Dr Justin Lim Prof. Yoland Lim Best Acupuncture Melbourne Skin Cosmetic Laser Slimming Weight Loss

We treat a whole range of ailments, few of the ailments explained in detail. Should you require more information, please feel free to contact our clinic on +613 9887 0566.   


Kidney Problems

Dr Justin Lim Prof. Yoland Lim Best Acupuncture Melbourne Skin Cosmetic Laser Slimming Kidney Health

In Chinese medicine the kidney is the most important organ in your body (perhaps this is why we are born with two). If your kidneys are functioning properly, then the rest of the body will function properly. Your kidneys draw on your body's core energy to function properly. If this energy is depleted in some way through stress or chronic fatigue etc., your normal kidney function can be disrupted which in turn disrupts your biological clock and sets up a chain reaction of chaos with other important bodily functions. Similarly, your kidney may be affected through eating the wrong food and alcohol abuse. What are some of the effects? Disruption to your energy flow and kidney function can result in stress, chronic fatigue, premature aging of skin, circulation problems, stomach disorders, hormonal imbalance and pre-menstrual problems.  

KI3279 and JUX696  

These drops contain extracts of selected Chinese herbs and is based on an ancient formula to help restore normal functioning to your kidneys, which in turn assists with hormone imbalance, energy flow, and disposal of waste products and toxins.    

For females JUX696 help rejuvenate rejuvenate the skin through improved circulation and removal of waster from body cells. This in turn enables these cells to function more efficiently and provide better elasticity (this is why Asian women generally have younger looking skin compared with Western women of the same age). Restoration of hormonal balance means some pre-menstrual and sexual problems are eliminated.    

Weight Control (SMX868)

Dr Justin Lim Prof. Yoland Lim Best Acupuncture Melbourne Skin Cosmetic Laser Slimming Weight Loss

Obesity may be defined as an increase in body weight beyond the limits of skeletal and physical requirements as a result of excessive accumulation of unwanted fat in the body. It is an extremely widespread and serious disease of modern civilisation.  

Eighty percent of people in many western countries are classified as being overweight. We can all see that this is not the case in most Asian countries, where a very different diet and lifestyle is common (unless residents switch to Western style food). 

Professor Yoland Lim Health  SMX868 SLIMAX acts on the theory that obesity results from the accumulation of only one particular type of fat - Type 3 fat - and this is the fat that is particularly difficult to get rid of unlike normal fat.  

All people have Type 1 or structural fat, which is extremely important to the body. Amongst other functions it supports organs and protects arteries. As well as that people also have to have Type 2 fat, which is an all-over covering that insulates the body, and produces energy and other body fuels. The overweight person has a third type of fat, which is abnormal and harmful. 

Simeon, the Clinician who first introduced HCG injections for weight loss has named this fat 'locked-in fat'. In banking terms, this fat is like a fixed deposit accumulated through the years. It is locked away and not available for use. It is not kept in a current account. This fixed deposit, which settles on parts of the body such as the hips, is the unbudgeable fat that defeats the overweight person who tries to diet. This is Type 3 fat.


Professor Yoland Lim's book on weight control entitled The Oriental Art of Keeping Slim covers in detail the causes and effect of obesity and his program of weight loss treatment- "No drugs, no side effects".   

Brahmiceu (BRMC) Mental Rejuvenation

Dr Justin Lim Prof. Yoland Lim Best Acupuncture Melbourne Skin Cosmetic Laser Slimming Mental Rejuv

BRMC Composition: Ambrosia, Brahmi herbs, Ginseng, Nato-Ginseng.

ACTION: Sedative, anti convulsant, nerve tonic, anti-inflammatory, balance vitality.

Indications: Nervous breakdown, nervous exhaustion, strokes, memory enhancer, improve concentration and learning, epilepsy, Alzheimer disease, motor neuron disease and other brain related systems, spleen and lung tonic (skin), chronic fatigue, arthritis and rheumatism.

Pharmacology: Cardiotonic, improves learning ability, reduction of epileptic fits, balance of Chi.

Active constituents: Major Steroidal Saponins of Bacoside a and b.

XT6969 for Men Sexual Dysfunction

Dr Justin Lim Prof. Yoland Lim Best Acupuncture Melbourne Mens Tonic Sexual Enhancement

XT6969 - Mens XTonic for men are an extract of several Chinese herbs especially formulated for sexual enhancement using modern scientific methods based on Chinese philosophy. 

They do not contain any harsh drugs or sex hormones, and are not habit forming. They are a cross between Chinese and Indonesian Medicine combining traditional methods of extraction and manufacture under modern technological conditions. 


Treatment course 

You will be either given specific herbal drops (XT6969) and/or Fong Yang Shi Luo Dou (a form of acupuncture). Initially you will need to have several treatments. As we are all individual, some patients improve very promptly, while others may take several treatments.