Vlogcast by Dr Justin Lim - Medical Education Online

Dr Justin Lim's Vlogcast- 'Video Blog Podcast' will be discussing the latest in clinical medical topics. 

Dr Justin Lim investigates- Coconut oil

Does drinking coconut oil lead to weight loss? Can I get slimmer having this? Is there any medical evidence of this? 

Dr Justin Lim, Professor Yoland Lim Health Care investigates. 

Milk and weight loss- by Dr Justin Lim

Why does milks taste sweet? 

Should we drink milk if we want to lose weight? 

Is milk actually bad for us? 

Dr Justin Lim debunks the myths and misconceptions about this with the medical facts.

Iphone Tendonitis- by Dr Justin Lim

Is your wrist sore? You been playing on your phone a lot? Been doing too much swiping? 

Dr Justin Lim with interstate patient


Dr Justin Lim meeting with patient from New South Wales...and his story of the Professor Yoland Lim Health Care book that has travelled around the world.  

Migraine Treatments with Acupuncture by Dr Justin Lim


Vlog of the recent studies confirming the effectiveness of acupuncture for migraine treatment in JAMA- by Dr Justin Lim 

Link between Hayfever, Asthma and Eczema? by Dr Justin Lim


Vlog of the connection between Hayfever, Asthma and Eczema- by Dr Justin Lim

Why is the flu so deadly in 2017? by Dr Justin Lim


Many patients have asked about why there has been so much hype about this flu season, and vaccinations this year.  In this Vlogcast of medical education online Dr Justin Lim discusses the reasons behind this. 

Dedication to Dr Lim Chey Hiong, grandfather to DrJustinLim

Dr Justin Lim discusses the positive influence his father the Dr Lim Chey Hiong had on him when visiting the hallowed ground where his father Professor Yoland Lim was brought up around the art of healing and phytomolecular medicine in Singapore.  #DrJustinLim