Inflammation, Influenza and Respiratory Tract Infections

By Professor Yoland Lim Health Care

Our bodies produce a certain amount of energy each day to enable normal cellular body functions to be carried out. One critical function performed is by the immune system in fighting off ‘foreign invaders’ such as viral, bacteria, fungal and yeast infections.

Multiple external influences, such as rapid and dramatic temperature changes can affect our immune systems. This can weaken the body and make us more susceptible to colds and flus. External chemicals and pollution of our modern society, can weaken the immune system because vital body energy is used to metabolize and process these toxins that we inhale, eat, drink and in some cases, inject.

Influenza ‘Flu’ viruses are prevented (in theory) by vaccination. This often fails as the virus which we are currently dealing with have morphed and the vaccinations are for last seasons’ influenza virus. Overall, only less than 30% of all people vaccinated have some protection each season.

Antibiotics are not helpful in these cases as they only act against bacterial infections, and the overuse of antibiotics causes an increase in the strength of the viruses, making it actually dangerous for our entire society if there is increase antibiotic resistance of infections.

Treatment Program

Integrative medicine and Acupuncture Treatment

Influenza and respiratory tract infections may be treated with:

Take 15 drops of the HYP4631-Inflammation and LU8936-Lung and Skin 3 times a day, for the months leading up to the influenza season.