JUVEHAIR® - Hair Growth Rejuvenation Program

By Professor Yoland Lim Health Care

Losing hair? 

Itchy hair?


Clumps of hair in the bottom of the shower?

Clumps of hair left on your pillow?

Oily scalp?

Any of these are the signs of the start of hair loss (Alopecia), as your hair follicles are not functioning properly. Even if minor, it can signify the start of more hair loss.

Alopecia is usually a multifactorial condition, attributable to a hereditary component (meaning if your parents are bald, then you have a chance of going bald also) and other contributing factors or medical conditions. 

Hair loss affects both men and women, with 1 in 4 females being affected.

Cellular Explanation of Hair Loss

  1. Tension and stress causes the scalp to tighten, preventing nutrients reaching the hair follicle
  2. Excessive oil from the sebaceous glands next to the hair shaft flood and drown the hair follicles, decreasing oxygen nourishing hair 
  3. Scalp pili muscles tighten around the hair shafts, strangulating the hair causing them to die and fall off
  4. Excess of a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

Treatment Program


JUVEHAIR® is Professor Yoland Lim Health Care's Hair Growth Rejuvenation Program. Our Australian designed and developed JUVEHAIR® is a non-invasive soothing LED Light Therapy targeting deep into scalp to increase blood circulation at the hair root for optimal growth of thicker and stronger hair without drugs, without surgery and without pain. 

JUVEHAIR® Hair Growth Rejuvenation Program is enhanced with:

This aims to balance the meridians to promote hair growth via: 

  1. Stimulating the photoreceptors (cytochrome C oxidase in the mitochondria within the cells of the scalp and hair), increasing cell metabolism and blood flow leading to more Adenosine Diphoshpate (ADP) and Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) and a subsequent reduction in DHT. This allows hair to have more energy and stimulate the metabolic processes necessary for hair growth.
  2. More blood flow in scalp, releases nitric oxide from cells and leads to increased vascularisation to the scalp distributing nutrients and oxygen to the hair roots.
  3. Excessive build-up of DHT is prevented.

JUVEHAIR® balances the meridians and nourishes hair follicles in all the 3 phases of the hair life cycle: 

  1. Anagen (growth)
  2. Telogen (resting)
  3. Catagen (shedding)

Treatment can be used for any amount of hair loss, with our studies showing best results are for mild to moderate hair loss. Treatment entails sessions 2 (or 3) times/week for 2-6 months, up to 12 months.

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