Kidney Function

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By Professor Yoland Lim Health Care

In pure Chinese medicine the kidney meridian (energy) is regarded as the most important organ in your body (perhaps this is why we are born with two). If your kidney energy is functioning properly, then the rest of the body will likely function properly. Your kidneys draw on your body's core energy.. If this energy is depleted in some way through stress, chronic fatigue or immune deficiency your normal kidney function may be disrupted which in turn disrupts may affect your biological clock and sets up a detrimental chain reaction of potential harm to your bodily functions. Similarly, your kidney energy and renal function may be affected through eating the wrong food, drinks and alcohol abuse (besides your liver). 

What are some of the effects?

Disruption to your kidney energy may result in stress, chronic fatigue, premature aging of skin, circulation problems, stomach disorders, hormonal imbalance and pre-menstrual problems.