Mental Rejuvenation

By Professor Yoland Lim Health Care

What is mental rejuvenation?

How do we rejuvenate our mental well-being?

The word ‘rejuvenate' means to look or feel better, younger, revitalized, regenerated, and improve the psychological and mental vitality. Mental rejuvenation is the state we have when the mind feels optimized and prepared to take on any tasks at hand, with all the heaviness, complexities and muddled thoughts are removed.

In today's hectic world, it seems everywhere you turn there are people who stressed out and exhausted. We want to rejuvenate our health and well-being, whether it be physical or mental.

There are ways to rejuvenate our mental well-being, one of them is by practicing meditation in conjunction with binaural therapy, a specialized form of Healing Meditation Music (Chanting) by Professor Yoland Lim Health Care. Meditation ideally needs to be practised daily, and consistently. It is not a quick fix, although it does have benefit even in the short term. Benefits are enhanced when doing it at least daily for 6 weeks. Your mental body is then more rejuvenated to its youthful purified state. You’re able to listen to your heart’s wisdom and feel clear about the decisions that you make with less guilt and anxiety.

Treatment Program

Integrative medicine and Acupuncture Treatment

Mental rejuvenation is optimized with JUVEBRAIN® Brain Enhancement program by Professor Yoland Lim Health Care, used in conjunction with: 

  • Fong Yang Shi Luo Dou, a specialized form of Acupuncture Treatment by Professor Yoland Lim Health Care 
  • Phytomolecular (herbal medicines) BRMC-Brain Tonic 
  • Binaural therapy, a specialized form of Healing Meditation Music (Chanting) by Professor Yoland Lim Health Care


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BRMC-Brain Tonic

By Professor Yoland Lim Health Care

BRMC-Brain Tonic by Professor Yoland Lim Health Care is a phytomolecular (herbal medicine) with the active ingredient of ‘Brahmi’. This is a medicine traditionally used by sub continental people and is regarded as the reason why they are able to have such brilliant memory. Medical studies reinforce this as they have shown an antioxidant effect and cellular protective effects[1]. It has been used in traditional Ayurvedic treatment for epilepsy and asthma[2], ulcers, tumours, ascites, enlarged spleen, inflammation, anaemia, and gastroenteritis[3].

Product Desription

Composition: Ambrosia, Brahmi herbs, Ginseng, Nato-Ginseng.

ACTION: Sedative, anti convulsant, nerve tonic, anti-inflammatory, balance vitality.

Indications: Nervous breakdown, nervous exhaustion, strokes, memory enhancer, improve concentration and learning, epilepsy, Alzheimer disease, motor neuron disease and other brain related systems, spleen and lung tonic (skin), chronic fatigue, arthritis and rheumatism.

Pharmacology: Cardiotonic, improves learning ability, reduction of epileptic fits, balance of Chi.

Active constituents: Major Steroidal Saponins of Bacoside a and b. 

1] Russo A, Borrelli F (April 2005). "Bacopa monniera, a reputed nootropic plant: an overview". Phytomedicine (Review). 12 (4): 305–17. doi:10.1016/j.phymed.2003.12.008. PMID 15898709.

[2] Rajani, M.; et al. (2004). Ramawat, K. G., ed. Biotechnology of Medicinal Plants: Vitalizer and Therapeutic. Enfield, NH: Science Publishers.

[3] Oudhia, Pankaj (2004). "Bramhi (Bacopa monnieri)". Society for Parthenium Management (SOPAM). Retrieved July 30, 2017.