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By Professor Yoland Lim Health Care

It is known that the body produces certain morphine-like substances, known as endorphins.

This is nature’s way of bringing a form of well-being to the body. It has been said that β(beta)-endorphins are released at certain times, e.g. after exercise, after a pleasurable event.

Research from USA has suggested that some people are both born with abnormally low amounts of beta-endorphins or an inferior mechanism for producing them. In society, some use (varying amounts of) alcohol, tobacco and drugs to replace these endorphins by giving the body a feeling of ease. Individuals with a lower amount of endorphins are at increased risk of becoming addicted to these vices. Hence, in seeing the error of their ways, it is very difficult to break the addiction.

Professor Yoland Lim Health Care’s exclusive acupuncture and  NSMK34 Non-Smoking drops are phytomolecular (herbal medicine) that are based on the knowledge of thousands of years of opium use in China, and ‘antidotes’ to help normalize the body’s energy system and restore and re-increase the production of β-endorphins back up to normal levels.

When this occurs, cigarettes start to become unpleasant to taste (probably likely as the body no longer needs the nicotine). Tobacco addiction is just as much an addiction as heroin, alcohol, sugar or coffee and ceasing the availability of such substances may be too great a shock to the body for some patients. It is therefore recommended that a weaning process be used in certain circumstances to quit smoking.

Treatment Program

Best Acupuncture Treatment Herbal Medicines Medical Skin Treatment quit smoking addiction non-smokin

Suggested Program

  1. Commence NSMK34 Non-Smoking drops 15 drops 3 times a day before meals, in HMIX Tea.
  2. As soon as possible cut out cigarette consumption and at least reduce the number smoked each day.
  3. Once cigarettes start to taste nasty and unpleasant, or as soon as you have decided you no longer want or need them, throw them out and take an additional 5 drops of NSMK34 Non-Smoking drops anytime as you need (on top of the 15 drops 3 times a day). This has been reported to have an additional, acute effect in lowering desirability of cigarettes.
  4. As Professor Yoland Lim Health Care’s products are composed of natural phytomolecular (herbal medicines), and contain no drugs, and have no side effects, it is perfectly safe to take extra drops as you need.
  5. Consider your endocrine and endorphin system to be like a car that has been garaged for many years that may need extra care and coaxing to get it going again. If you appear to suddenly have a great desire for a cigarette, that’s fine, just understand your system has had a small hiccup to quit smoking and take some extra drops as needed.

Useful Hints

Whilst weaning off cigarettes to quit smoking: 

  1. Put cigarettes in an inaccessible place, i.e. on top of a cupboard, across the road with a neighbour. This is designed to buy time to let you think twice. 
  2. Write down how you feel each time you inhale and then READ IT BACK ALOUD. 
  3. Sit in a conspicuous place, i.e. middle of kitchen floor or office floor. Make an occasion of each cigarette and then ask yourself "was it worth it?" This is designed to make you aware of yourself, the cigarettes and the effect they have on you.

When you are a non-smoker

  1. Remember that your lungs are organs of elimination and when you stop smoking, excess mucous may come away, do not be alarmed, and be grateful. If this is distressing to you, we recommend formula LU8936-Lung and Skin
  2. Professor Yoland Lim Health Care's acupuncture and phytomedicine drops are formulated to help return your body to normal as gently as possible. If you are suffering from stress, you may like to consider formula NVX888-Nervex to ease the process of kicking your habit. 
  3. Avoid smoky areas for as long as possible and you will find that cigarette smoke becomes abhorrent to you to keep you of them. 
  4. Now you are a non-smoker and have quit smoking, you will probably find your desire for coffee, alcohol and sugar greatly reduced as well - TERRIFIC!