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By Professor Yoland Lim Health Care

It is known that the body produces certain morphine-like substances, known as endorphins, during times  or actions of 'pleasure'.

This is nature’s way of bringing a form of well-being to the body. It has been said that β(beta)-endorphins are released at certain times, e.g. after exercise, after a pleasurable event.

Research from USA and Netherlands[1] has suggested that some people are both born with abnormally low amounts of beta-endorphins or an inferior mechanism for producing them. In society, some use (varying amounts of) alcohol, tobacco and drugs to replace these endorphins by giving the body a feeling of ease. Individuals with a lower amount of endorphins are at increased risk of becoming addicted to these vices. Hence for some it is very challenging to break the addiction.

Professor Yoland Lim Health Care’s exclusive acupuncture Fong Yang Therapy is based on the knowledge of thousands of years of opium use in China, and ‘antidotes’. In conjunction with a patient centred, multidisciplinary medical approach, the aim is to re-increase the production of β-endorphins back up to normal levels.

When this occurs, cigarettes may start to become unpleasant to taste (probably likely as the body no longer needs the nicotine). Tobacco addiction is just as much an addiction as heroin, alcohol, sugar or coffee and ceasing the availability of such substances may be too great a shock to the body for some patients. Alcohol withdrawal is a known secondary effect of suddenly ceasing drinking. Depending on the individual, Professor Yoland Lim Health Care treatments are tailored for the individual and their addiction. For some a weaning process may be recommended, while others a strict cessation may be advised.


[1]  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4429837/