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The Fong Yang System

The Fong Yang Art of healing uses a holistic approach to the treatment of disease bringing the body back into harmony with itself and the universe. Professor Yoland Lim integrates the ancient knowledge of his forefathers with western technology to combine both worlds. Professor Yoland Lim came to Australia to practice the Fong Yang Healing Art and to marry eastern wisdom and western medical principals in the early 1970s, after many years of tutelage with his father.

He established a highly successful company, which developed, manufactured and marketed a wide range of herbal products. These were sold throughout Australia and exported to China, Taiwan, Singapore, and South East Asia until he sold it to a public listed company.

Traditionally, the Fong Yang healing art and medicine is taught and handed down from generation to generation. The basic training is firstly in Kung Fu consisting of:

  • Chi Kung (breathing exercise)
  • Nei Kung (internal breathing, meditation and internal strength)
  • Wei Kung (physical concentration of strength like that of Karate)

It is only when the Si Fu (Master) is satisfied that these arts are mastered, does the training of medical principles begin. In addition, Feng Shui (the wind and water principal of the art of living and environment) is also learnt to be appreciated. 

Professor Yoland Lim established Professor Yoland Lim Health Care based on his knowledge of Feng Shui, meditation and Buddhist philosophy and precepts. 

There are many different branches of the healing system in ancient times and each family has its own formulations. It is only more recently that western medical research has caught up and shown there is indeed a sound scientific basis to acupuncture like the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York based Vickers trial which showed benefits of acupuncture in chronic pain, especially for:

  • Chronic headaches like migraines and tension-type headaches
  • Musculoskeletal pain (back and neck) 
  • Osteoarthritis 
  • Shoulder pain  

In The Age newspaper on Monday 15 April 2002, it had specifically stated that this arcane (like the Fong Yang system) medical treasures is a dying art. Realizing this many years ago, Professor Yoland Lim set out to preserve his family's healing art and embark on the biotechnological integration of the Eastern Philosophy and Western Science resulting in his world renown healing formulations. 

Monash University's medical clinical trials proved the action of Professor Yoland Lim's 'Slimax' preparation on lypolysis and lypognesis for weight loss several years ago.

Professor Yoland Lim Health Care’s teaches Medical specialists and doctors training with the Australian Medical Acupuncture College (AMAC) have clinical rotations at Professor Yoland Lim Health Care.

Professor Yoland Lim has patients from around the world. His products were on sale worldwide prior to 1999. He has captured national and international headlines in TV, radio and print media.

What is Shi Luo Dou?

Shi Luo Dou consists of many trigger points in the body useful in Kung Fu and is used for therapeutic purposes. Some of these points correspond to acupuncture points but because Shi Lou Dou is lesser known, and is still as a family system handed down from father to son, only recently have many of these points been discovered as new or extra acupuncture points. 

Shi Luo Dou has been attributable in the treatment of many chronic medical conditions, which has given Professor Yoland Lim international recognition. The course of treatment involves placing needles into various points on the body like that of acupuncture (please note this is not traditional acupuncture as most people know) to re-balance the meridian energy flow, thereby restoring the harmony between yin and yang within the body. The treatment principle is based on "Se Liang Po Chien Zhing" - translation: "Using a small amount of energy to break a huge load". This is the base principal of Fong Yang Therapy.

Advice to Patients Undergoing Acupuncture Treatment*

*Information courtesy of AMAC 

Acupuncture Treatment is given only if relevant after a medical review. Before attending an appointment for treatment, the patient should avoid rushing around and/or having a large meal. Most importantly, alcohol or excessive coffee intake either before or after treatment is to be avoided. A short period of rest or relaxation after the treatment enhances the response to acupuncture.

Occasionally, symptoms experienced by the patient may appear to worsen after a treatment. However, progressive improvement usually follows each treatment thereafter. 

After a successful response to a treatment course, occasional booster(s) may be needed to maintain the patient in good health or free from pain. The doctor will advise if that is necessary.

In a very small percentage of patients, especially when acupuncture has been used as a last resort treatment, there may be no improvement. The reasons for this will vary from person to person and if asked, your doctor will be happy to explain or address your concerns further.

Conditions Known to be Responsive (and not limited) to Medical Acupuncture

1. Painful Conditions:

  • Acute injuries from sporting activities 
  • Arthritis-osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and other forms of joint pain
  • Frozen shoulder, neck (e.g. whiplash injury)
  • Low back pain (lumbago) and sciatica
  • Menstrual and other headaches
  • Migraine and other headaches
  • Neuralgia e.g. trigeminal or post-herpetic (shingles)
  • Post-operative pain; pain from: scars, colic or “phantom limb” syndrome
  • Restless legs and night cramps
  • Sprains/strains or fractures (after proper medical reduction)
  • Tennis/golfers elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome and spurs on heel

2. Non-Painful Conditions:

  • E.g. allergies or eczema, itchy rashes, neuro-dermatitis, asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis
  • Anxiety, fears, depression and insomnia, bed wetting for children
  • Cessation of smoking
  • Colitis, constipation, diarrhoea and irritable bowel syndrome; cystitis
  • General debility/lethargy from prolonged illness irregular periods, menopausal flushes, impotence and fertility
  • Travel or morning sickness and vomiting weight reduction

General Information About Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture Treatment is suitable for people of all ages. However, for children or adults who are nervous about needles, methods are also available such as laser acutherapy which eliminate the need for needles.

Are the needles Painful?

Very fine needles are inserted through the skin at certain traditionally affective points, the patient may then feel a slight discomfort or a minimally painful sensation which often indicates that the treatment is working.

The patients’ condition must be accurately diagnosed before treatment is started.

As doctors, must be aware of and be able to cope with any rare complications that may arise during treatment, acupuncture should be administered by registered qualified medical practitioners, with detailed knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology and medical diagnostic techniques.

There are no risks to a patient of being infected by bacteria or viruses from the sterile, single-use disposable needles or equipment which have been properly sterilised (as are all surgical instruments).