Phytomolecular (Herbal) Medicines

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By Professor Yoland Lim Health Care

Herbal remedies are not new. Professor Yoland Lim Health Care has used the formulations made famous by Professor Yoland Lim’s forefathers and their properties have been sought after for healing throughout history. As modern prescription drugs can cause serious side-effects, more and more medical practitioners are concentrating more on phytomolecular (herbal) medicine

Professor Yoland Lim Health Care’s phytomolecular (herbal) medicine is dispensed specifically for you.

Directions: 15 drops to be taken 3 times a day, ideally 30 minutes before meals. If you forget a dose, take 15 drops as soon as you remember thereafter. More than one medicine can be placed in the Herbal Tea (HMIX Tea), or you can put the drops in water. 

Herbal Tea (HMIX Tea) is a detox cleansing and healing tea for your body and helps to deal with male and female physiology.

Directions for Herbal Tea (HMIX Tea): Drink as often as you like, but at least 3 times a day.

Commonly prescribed medications:

  • AMX808-Arthrimax: used for arthritis, muscular aches and pains. It is not a painkiller but a medication to help your body restore energy to lessen inflammation.
  • HYP4631-Inflammation: helps to build up your immune system to help fight infections and viruses. It acts like a natural antibiotic, but is not a traditional prescription antibiotic.
  • XT6969-XTONE (for men) and JUX696-Juvex Tonic (for women): tonic for men and women to help revitalise your glands as well as improving libido and may also increase sexual sensation.

Directions for Topical Medications:

NOTE: AOIL99-Arthritis Oil is for external use only and not to be taken orally.

Do not stop your current medication prescribed by your General Practitioner - as suddenly ceasing medication may have a rebound effect. Professor Yoland Lim Health Care’s phytomolecular (herbal) medicine has no known side effects and does not interfere with your currently prescribed medication.