Baby waking you too often? by Dr Justin Lim

Losing sleep? Sick of getting up to a crying baby? When did you start feeding your baby solids? Could this also help with kids allergies? Dr Justin Lim investigates. 

Coconut oil – Dr Justin Lim Investigates

Does drinking coconut oil lead to weight loss? Can I get slimmer having this? Is there any medical evidence of this? 

Dr Justin Lim, Professor Yoland Lim Health Care investigates. 

Dedication to grandfather Dr Lim Chey Hiong-by Dr Justin Lim

Dr Justin Lim discusses the positive influence his father the Dr Lim Chey Hiong had on him when visiting the hallowed ground where his father Professor Yoland Lim was brought up around the art of healing and phytomolecular medicine in Singapore. #DrJustinLim 

Gallstone surgery? Dr Justin Lim Investigates

Dr Justin Lim investigates the body hack purported by some random online blogs saying that a combination of olive oil, vegetable juice, and lemon juice is all you need to pass gallstones. Could millions of people avoid surgery if they knew this?

Improve Psoriasis 'simply'- by Dr Justin Lim

Dr Justin Lim from Professor Yoland Lim Health Care discusses recent medical studies to improve the chronic skin condition Psoriasis. 

Interstate Patient - by Dr Justin Lim

Dr Justin Lim meeting with patient from New South Wales...and his story of the Professor Yoland Lim Health Care book that has travelled around the world.

Iphone Tendonitis - by Dr Justin Lim

Is your wrist sore? You been playing on your phone a lot? Been doing too much swiping? 

Opioid pain killers harming you? by Dr Justin Lim

Ever been prescribed Endone or Oxycodone and found them in-effective? How long have you been using them for? Do you have hip or knee pain? Ever been given any slow release pain patches for use post surgery? 

Dr Justin Lim looks at the latest medical studies about the harm Opioids are having on you and our society.

Should you get the flu shot? Dr Justin Lim Investigates

Debate rages as to whether the flu shot is beneficial. Dr Justin Lim discusses this hot topic.

Why is the flu so deadly in 2017? by Dr Justin Lim

Many patients have asked about why there has been so much hype about this flu season, and vaccinations this year. In this Vlogcast of medical education online Dr Justin Lim discusses the reason why the flu is so dangerous.