Binaural therapy - Meditation Music (Chanting)

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By Professor Yoland Lim Health Care

What is Binaural therapy?

Binaural literally means "having or relating to two ears". Binaural therapy, a specialized form of Meditation Music (Chanting) by Professor Yoland Lim Health Care is the repeated singing (that you hear and/or to yourself or out loud) of a specific sound, phrase or word in a tone that may affect brain waves.

Over the years, Binaural therapy has been used to treat anxiety and stress, decreasing the risk of disease by improving your immune system. The soothing rhythms may induce mental and physical relaxation and mindfulness. Other benefits may include increased focus, concentration, improved mood and deeper meditation.

The purpose for using binaural therapy may differ between people. Some people may need help decreasing their anxiety, while others may want to increase their concentration or deepen their level of meditation.

Tao meditation

Tao meditation was developed by Professor Yoland Lim’s ancestors in the Tian Hou Temple, Singapore and is based on the healing methods used in his father’s pro bono clinic, was originally based on the Shao Lin temple’s Chanting and Kung Fu. Dr Justin Lim’s grandfather, Dr Lim Chey Hong taught a young Professor Yoland Lim, whom further developed this after he first started practising Shi Lou Do in Australia in 1972. To master deep meditation, it usually takes a very long time to learn and a lot of practise with extended periods in the lotus (sitting) position. Many years ago Professor Lim noticed Australian’s had such a busy lifestyle that they were time poor, so he developed the Tao Meditation technique with assistance of Meditation Music (Chanting) to achieve relaxation within minutes. As we have 72 thousand thoughts per day, we need to build ‘mind muscle’ so that we can cope not only with all these thoughts but also to become more mentally alert.

Tao Meditation Technique

Sit or lie in whatever position is most comfortable:

  1. Sitting: hands facing up, either on lap or knees. 
  2. Lying down: with left hand over your umbilicus and right hand over their left hand. 
  3. “Let your jaw drop and consciously breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth”. Then after a few practices, “gently close your eyes and concentrate on the chanting”.
  4. After 3 rounds of this, concentrate on the relaxing chanting. Once you become unaware of your breathing, you will now be moving from the busy, fast paced Beta wavelengths (the brainwaves which occur when our minds are congested and filled with thoughts) into the more relaxed alpha waves and later theta wavelengths where you will reach a deep meditative state. For most of our patients it takes less than 5 mins to achieve this.

Meditation needs to be practised daily and consistently. It is not a quick fix, although it does have benefit short term and immediately. However, its benefits are emphasized when doing it for at least daily for 6 weeks.


Studies have shown that 6 weeks of meditation will lead to:

  • Decreased anxiety and stress by 46%
  • Improved well being 
  • 20 minutes of meditation equals 4 hours of sleep, concentrate on your breathing to focus your mind
  • Improved sleep pattern
  • Meditate on the day of your match, competition, event and after 
  • Lowers blood pressure and heart rate, affecting the body’s cells through sound frequency to boost the secretion of pain relieving endorphins, beneficial hormones and immune and strength building T-cells.

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