Tao Sayings of Professor Yoland Lim

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Health Without Drugs, Success Without Stress....a way of life to enrich your life from within.

By Professor Yoland Lim

Steps to achieving: Read one of these famous Professor Yoland Lim Tao Sayings every day, contemplate, reflect and think about the meaning of these, and apply it to your life. These are based on the wisdom that I learnt in the jungle at Ponggol in Singapore (now sadly it is a concrete jungle) from as early as when I began life, until my departure to Australia. However, some are acquired in the course of my many medical, research and business interactions within Australia and throughout the world. I have also learned from many of my patients who are the 'who's of who' in the world. Many of these patients are well known within Australia and are among the top 200 richest persons. My patient list also encompasses some of the richest people in the world. 

In spite of my formal training at university, I owe my skill in health and medicine, healing, and business to my jungle training and wisdom given to me by many of my patients. My patients are from all walks of life and from many parts of the world. This brings a vast diversity of wisdom, philosophy and culture that no university or any formal training can ever give. I thank my many patients for their kind wisdom, which makes me what I am today.

To get the best out of the cookies, you must study them one at a time, meditate and think about it, then apply them to your daily life. It will come alive and hit you in whatever you are doing right on the bull's eye. If you just read it and do nothing about it, you will not gain the wisdom.

When you apply them to your own daily events they will transform you from where you are now, to a different successful being without stress. It will give you foresight in many things without the modern rubbish of todays world. All my predictions are based on vision and I have yet to be proven wrong. So you can go about doing your daily business based on lots of technical and financial bull or you can use your "gut feeling". The proof is in the pudding.

1. Fools have their eyes and ears shut.

I came to Australia with $84, (yes eighty four dollars). Within a few months I could see a huge potential in my healing art. Coming from a jungle, I have never ever met such a group of people (on the whole) so huge (at least in my eyes anyway). I tried to organize a seed capital of about $1000.00 for 50% of the shares. I approached and wasted many hours of my time after work at night talking to medical and business professionals as well as my friends. Mostly I was laughed at and ignored. I am grateful to Sir Professor Peter Morris, Professor Ewing, and Sir Eric Piece and Sir Peter Deham who encouraged me to carry out some experiments on my Slimax weight control. Professor Yadav encouraged me, who since has returned to India. I am also extremely thankful to a Mrs Wong, a devoted christian, who wrote me a blank cheque saying, "Write as much as you need". However I have not accepted her kind offer. She is a good person, who also instilled good values to her children who are now doctors also.

Other people who I have approached and either refused or procrastinated and wasted my time are people in the best position to see the potential. Yet they all missed this opportunity. Many of these people are now still working for others, or are still running a small business hardly giving them a comfortable life. They were blind and could not see and hear what I was trying to say.

Sadly there are many people with such vision.

2. Without thinking.... nothing is gained

Many people go about doing things without thinking. In the early 1980's I was asked to invest in a property in Dandenong that was used as a restaurant. Based on signed documents and advice from 'reputable' real estate agents, the return on the investments was 20% (the interest rate in those days was only 7%). I put on the thinking cap and gained the insight that why should someone pay 20% while he could get money for about 7%. I was fiercely verbally attacked by the real estate agent, saying that I wasted his time in making the presentation to me as I challenged him to give me his personal guarantee seeing that he was so confident. Well the fool who did not think bought the property, within a few months it was empty and empty for many years. I got information later that it was finally let out, and based on the sales price the return was less than 5%. This shows the real estate agent did things without thinking, not only in trying to sell the property, but later his comments stopped me from dealing with him on any real estate deals thereafter. Because this real estate agent did not think, he lost a lot of business from that point on because I have purchased many properties where he was the agent, yet I requested another agent to do the business.

3. A wise man will see clearly

There are many people in the world who are employed to do a job. For the rest of their life they will do just that. Australia, in those early days, was extremely bad in public transport. As I worked in several jobs all over Victoria, I had no alternative than to buy the cheapest of the cheapest BOMB (car) that my mere $60 per week could afford. But I made a pledge to myself after the director of one pathology companies (now bankrupt) where I worked told me off, saying "don't park your bomb next to my car. I feel ashamed." That the next car I buy should buy will be a Mercedes. Coming from the jungle, I do not want to borrow money. So by the time I have accumulated enough money for a Mercedes, I drove my bomb to the agent parking my car on the driveway of the dealership because I wanted to throw away the car and drive out in the new MB. I have been looking at the car on display at the show room the past week after hours and I wanted the car, whatever the cost.


I approached the very well dressed sales man and walked towards the car with him. It was locked when I tried to open the door. I asked him if I could look inside (I did not even want to test drive, I only wanted to buy it). To which he said while walking away from me "when you have the money and are ready to buy it, come back". Well I did decided not to buy it, but buy a Rolls Royce instead. (I was badly dressed in an old track suite of no brand, and I had just finished my shift work in a kitchen). How unwise he was. Well he retires in the same job as when he started. 

4. Respect comes with sincere thought

In the course of my work, not so much in the Medical field but in the corporate areas, many times I came across superficial showings of respect. Deep inside there must be a voice telling them "This yellow peril, I wish I could crush him, or I wish he fails". 

Years ago I was speaking on a 3AW talk back program. I was being interviewed on the success of my treating a well-known sports person. One of the callers - who until then had always been telling how wonderful a job I was doing without a sincere thought at any stage - disguised his name and told the listeners that I am a quack. Hence from that day I often when asked who I am, said I am the quack of the Quacks. A person with sincere thought will have a respect on the surface. Like in this case. 

5. An calm mind makes it easier to see through the bigger picture

Many years ago when I was at my pharmaceutical factory one day, I telephoned my staff on some other matter. The person who was responsible for what I was asking for got very angry, as I did not ask him. The reason I did not ask him was that this other staff member just happened to pick up the phone and what I was asking was only whether some mail had been sent - nothing important, something trivial. He got so angry that he was screaming by the time I arrived. Screaming that it was impossible to fix up the machine, which he said was not working and he just cannot do the job. His anger had prevented him from looking at the problem in a simple way. His anger made him think that the machine had a big problem. It was only that he did not check if the electrical switch was on. The previous night the cleaner had used the switch on a vacuum cleaner and did not plug the machine back in. Anger can blind you. So take care.

6. Put joy into all tasks and you will be rewarded with more than wealth

My father had never wanted money. He treated his patients for free, if any one wanted to eat or sleep, everything was always free, we had no electricity, telephone or money in the jungle. But he put joy in his work. We had no stress. When I came to Australia I had never intended to make money. I was happy where I was. I put joy into my work seeing crippled patients come to life. I was rewarded. As a result I am in peace with my inner self. I have come across many people whose motive was money. A good example of this was an accountant who went and set up a restaurant. In talking to him his main motive was to get as much money out of the customers as possible. One day I was invited by a bank to attend a function. It was the hottest day in Feb in something like 30 years. The function was at 12.30 in the afternoon, the temperature by then was about 35 degrees. When I arrived I felt very hot and stuffy with stale and smelling air from previous night. A few people had begun to take off their jackets. I thought, being Chinese, I ask the owner if he could turn the air conditioner on. To my surprise he said, " too early, all the guests are not here yet." He went bust about a year later.

7a. Health is the only asset you live to enjoy

I was most puzzled when I first set up my clinical practice in 1972. A lady came to me in great pain. She had lower back pain for almost 19 years, and at that time the neurosurgeon wanted to fuse her spine. After a few treatments, she had improved a lot to the point that she could walk without pain. On her 3rd treatment I as shocked to hear her say: "I cannot afford the treatment because I have to save up for my holiday. Now that the severe pain is gone, I can wait for the free operation". Sadly she consulted me again after few years post operatively with the same problem, and only this time it was much worse. She expressed regret saying "I should have listened to you years ago". I've seen this day in day out in our practice. It is a sad syndrome in our society to cater for enjoyment rather than health, a society to live in the now, get what's free even if it is not as good as the alternative of paying. Unfortunately health is on the bottom of many peoples priorities. To that day, my fathers wisdom still remains with me: you can go without luxury, but use your money on food and health. 

7b. Food is the essence of life and health

When I first come to Australia I was very poor, as I arrived here with just $84 in my pocket, donated by one of my fathers' patients. I first used cardboard boxes for tables and piles of newspaper for chairs. I would have preferred to sit on the floor if not for the floor in the flat I first rented in Brunswick being so filthy, despite my best endeavours to scrub it clean. Yet I spent some money on food, because food is the essence of life and health. In eastern medicine this very closely influences our health. I was always taught that food is medicine, and as such we should nourish ourselves optimally. I am also very disappointed at people who say they are under paid by social security, yet they can afford to spend on cigarettes and junk food. Many of these people buy junk food every day. The money they spent on cigarettes, drugs and alcohol surely can buy them some good health.

8a. An active mind is a healthier mind 

A lazy mind is quite different from a meditative mind. Practising meditation may seem to the ignorant as just someone sitting there wasting their life. The difference is, in meditation you actually develop your inner self, your vision and control your body as well as mind. A person with a lazy mind and body is someone who does not want to do anything. Someone who does things without diligence and at a very slow pace, is different from a meditative state. Look around and observe around you. You will find that there are many people around you who do things in a very lazy way. 

8b. Be mindful when choosing a tie.... and be gracious doing it. Don't let stagnation blur your choice of ties....or life partner, otherwise you may end up not even having a partner to buy a tie for

A few years after arriving in Australia a formal occasion required me to wear a tie. I usually dress in a modern take on traditional Chinese style clothing, a nod to cultural history, and pleased my son has adopted this with our family amulet, meditation beads, and teams this with a chic eastern jacket or similar. 

Hence years ago when I wanted to wear a tie for an occasion, I went to a well-known store to get one. I did not care what colour or what type it was. All I wanted was a tie. I went straight to the tie section to get the first tie that caught my attention. There was a sales girl standing around waiting for a woman choosing a tie, who could not decide on which colour, nor which design. Comically each tie seemed to elicit a diatribe of comments. It seemed to me as though she was not choosing a tie....but rather as if she was choosing a life partner! After waiting several minutes, as the sales girl was doing nothing but idly standing there waiting for this lady to make up her mind, I kindly asked her "Excuse me can I pay for this?". To my surprise she quipped "Can't you see, I'm serving this lady!". Then even more surprising to me, the lady (attempting) to choose a tie did not say "I will be sometime yet, go ahead". But no.... not whimper from her. So for a social experiment I decided to wait and see.... It took the lady almost 20 minutes (excluding the time she already spent before I decided to pay for my tie) before she said, "I like none of these" and walked off. 

I am certain that both ladies are low achievers.

Years later the saleslady came to me as a patient, she was still working in her same role and had no career progression over 20 years. As for the other lady choosing a tie, I had pity for her, and her partner and wonder how long her relationship lasted... if at all.

9a. The harder you work the more your life will be full filled 

Day in day out I heard people commenting that some people are born lucky and that they have everything. I overheard one of this comments at a cafe - I very seldom do sit down for a drink in a cafe, but on this occasion I was asked to attend a meeting there. Two adjacent couples (loudly) complaining about how they cannot get what they wanted in life and that their working days were boring. Later I learnt that all of them were part-time workers and have spent most of their money at the cafe, not wanting to take on a second part time job. I said to myself "I would be ashamed if I were you guys. I came to Australia with a mere $84 in 1972. I worked in 3 jobs all at once starting at 4 am till 11 pm at night, 7 days a week. You had a better opportunity and were in a better position than me. You should be more fulfilled and 'better off' than me. Why are you spending $20-30 just on drinks rather than going back to your home and having a drink for a fraction of the cost. 

9b. The Million Dollar Cup of coffee

I recall my days at Brunswick (suburb in Melbourne's northern suburbs), years ago, when I lived with my wife in a single bedroom flat. We could not afford a car at that time, and had to walk EVERYWHERE. One day it was so cold, nearly freezing temperature, about 1 or 2 degrees Celsius only, and we walked all the way to the Victoria Market. On the way back we were so very thirsty and looking at the price of a coffee in a shop. However we decided that if we made it back to our flat we could have a drink for nearly nothing. We 'only' saved a mere 40 cents at the time, however it one's foresight to see that by saving the 40 cents now, it is worth so much more later in life. It is important to be able to put into the life context of how much "just one cup of coffee" actually is worth, and for your partner to understand the life you are building together and to have the same philosophy. 

9c. Work hard when you can.... to reach the apple orchard

During my lifetime I found that a lot of people are not willing to work hard and save. These are the ones who constantly complain about the government not looking after them, or their boss not paying them enough. I remember working in a place for a day for about $10 per hour and if I had used public transport, it would have taken about $2 off. So I walked many kilometres to work, and back, and never complaining. I just put my head down literally and figuratively. To be successful, one needs to work hard and work hard when you can. I now can enjoy the fruits of the apple orchard while some of those who previously commented that I did not "have a life", are now not even having any fruits, let alone an apple orchard to enjoy.

10a. A footpath when used more becomes a road

When a footpath is not used, grass will grow. Everything in the universe, when not in use will becomes rusty. If you let your brain be idle, you soon will become lazy. If you don't work, you soon will become tired and lazy. If the road is not used, it soon cracks up. In the jungle, we often found that if the path is not used soon it will be overgrown with shrubs. So use what you have, your brain, muscles and your resources. In the western world, a lot of parents blame the school teachers for not making their children into what they desire them to be. As a schoolboy I encountered some very shocking teachers. I remember one in particular known as Mr Baru. He would come into the class and say we are now "doing pages x and y". He then sat down to write in his logbook. To my amazement he was promoted year after year because the school inspection looked only at this logbook for promotion rather than the results of his students. As this was not a productive teaching method, half of us took control and decided to set up an after school group dedicated to studying (rather than playing). In the end all of us achieved such a good result, that he got a promotion for good work. 

10b. Get up and do whatever you need to do to get what you want. You control your destiny.... no-else does

No one can help you to instil mental perseverance and subtlety of thought. Take things into your own hand, get up and do something rather then blaming it on others.

11. Only you can instil mental perseverance and subtlety of thought 

In my business days now I employ a lot of students. These students obviously are quite smart to get into the uni. Yet on many occasions, simple things in life such as giving change e.g. $60 for an item of $45, they would ask for a calculator. Equally amused are some medical students, who are so badly socially inadequate. Their approaches to patients at times are horrific. Some do not know even how to greet patients before questioning them. Perhaps it is the system that is wrong. Perhaps getting perfect score in exams is not the answer to being a good clinician.

12. Dedication brings success

13. Treat everyone as equals, for even the lowest may have something to teach you

14. Every mountain has another bigger or higher one behind it....so be humble on your current climb

15. Don't pretend to be someone else....for your name should speak for itself

16. A wise person will not be affected by a sharp tongue

No matter what people say of you, don't let their insecurities affect you. There will always be 'haters' (people/acquaintances who for no reason directly linked to you, are just purely jealous because it's their way of trying to hide their insecurities). But the best way to deal with people like this is to smile, and know that it is their life which they are unhappy with or whom feel unfulfilled, and hence they try and bring you 'down' to their miserable level. They attempt to do this by talking behind your back. Just remember that in their attempts to project negativity onto you, or via others, it is just a clear statement that they are putting up their own white flag as they are unhappy and dissatisfied with their life. It has nothing to do with you or your actions. Just.... smile to them and move on. 

17. A sharp tongue may be persuasive and can only be called a tool

18. People create good and evil. Do good, think good and you will be good

19. Your body is your doctor

20. A fool cannot see the mistakes of others

21. You cannot teach an old dog new tricks

22.Translating knowledge into action is the achievement of a great person 

23. Knowledge gained without putting into practice is time wasted

24. Empty talk is a sign of an insincere person

25. Words once spoken is like throwing a hand full of feathers into the wind

26. Knowledge of ones destiny is an enlightened person's insight

27. Knowing one's limit is a successful persons tool

28. A calm mind gives insight into many actions and obstacles

29. The harder you work the more time you have to do other work

30. The harder you work the prosperous you are

31. Work wisely or else you will be working too hard to earn a living

32. Use you brain rather than your hands

33.Nothing is permanent

34. All your wealth means nothing when you gone

35. Nothing is absolute

36. Birth life and death are unavoidable, no wealth can buy this

37. Only your own mind and actions can give you your own peace and tranquility

38. Learning brings wisdom

39. The wise appreciate knowledge, regardless of how silly it may initially seem

40. To do your work well you must first sharpen your tools

41. Realise the intellectual potential of others.... and this will heighten your prospects and intelligence

42. Politeness, generosity, kindness and truthfulness are virtues of a gentleman and lady

43. A superior person holds righteousness and kindness

44.Forgive and forget.... it's the highest virtue of a person

45. Seek relaxation and enjoyment from your work

46. Employ those who are better than what you can do for yourself

47. Hold firm like a bamboo in a storm 

48. Only an evil person fears death

49. Respect the homeless beggar as much as the wealthiest person on earth....but respect the wise-person more

50. Self cultivation is the way to satisfaction

51. Gold is more expensive than feathers....but it cannot be used as a comfortable pillow

52. Mans nature... is like water

53. Learn from righteousness

54. A person who has no respect for his family will have no respect for you

55 Give credit not for words....but for conduct and action

In life we encounter people who say they will assist, or say they will do something for you. However one week passes, then another few weeks....and you realise that these people were only paying you lip service, rather then actually really meaning to help you. Let these people "go" - Do not rely on them. Stick with people whose conduct and actions speak and reach out to you the most.

56. A person creates their own downfall

57. Confidence is gained from actions not words

58. A small person does not know big things but a wise person also knows little things

59. A tree has roots and branches

60. Roots and branches are different.... but they rely on each other

61. It is easy to leave this undone but it will impede your progress

62. Don't belittle anyone because you will only belittle yourself

When someone looks down and bullies another person, they are often doing this because of their own insecurity, and shows they were likely bullied and belittled in their past. It is a defense mechanism and they are trying to justify their life. Let these people rant and rave- they lead a sorry and unfulfilling life. A simple calm smile back at them, knowing that our lives are happier than theirs is all that is needed, and let them be engulfed in their own misery. 

63. A poor person who does not complain about being poor is really a rich person

64. Give love, care and help others....the joy is within these acts

65. A poor man who is happy is at peace with himself

66.A rich man who is unhappy is a wasted man

67. No matter how rich you are you can only eat so much and sleep in one bed

68. The secret of success is to plan what is far from what is near

69. A small action may have a far reaching effect

70. When you are asleep all your materials are no different from the rich and poor

71. It takes two hands to clap

72. A truly rich man will not look down on a poor man

73. Respect the elderly.... they were young once, and since have gained a wealth of experience, which they could share with you

74. Some look like busy bees but get nothing done

75. Sincerity is a way to success

76. Seize any potentially positive opportunities

When you wake in the morning you can make a choice. Are you going to go out and seize the day, and make the most of any potentially positive opportunities? Seize the moment, because it is in those 'sliding doors' moments that determine the course of your life. Only you can make that choice.

77. Appreciate the old ways but advance with the world, other wise you will be like a fish in stagnant water

78. A fool can ask questions that no wise man can answer

79. When you look from inside... you get another view

80. The more sugar you take the more you want

81. An uncluttered work table is a sign of efficiency

82. Don't buy your children an excessive amount of toys.... buy them health

83. Eastern wisdom meets western science

84. Sincere faith with love of learning is the perfect way to tranquillity 

85. Be modest in speech but exceed in action

86. Match your words with action or else you will lose respect integrity

We have all met some people in our lives who say "Yes I will look that up for you, and get back to you", or "Yes I'll email that to you" or "Yes I'll get my staff to contact you about it", however you never hear from these people again, or they don't do what they will say they will do. When you say you will do something for someone...do it. Don't give me excuses!

87. Be not ashamed of coarse clothes and non-elaborate food

88.We are all as important as each other - No more and no less. Everyone is as important as you. When we treat people with the respect they deserve, they will treat you back harmoniously too

89. Every single one of us has essence and purpose in life. Be proud of who you are, where you are going, and what you stand for

90. Employ one not based purely on their beauty.... but on the beauty of their wisdom

91. When clean water mixes with dirty water they both become dirty

92. A full cup of water cannot accept more

93. Without perfect virtue the way cannot be crystallised

94. A superior man honours his words

95. The moon cannot shine.... without the sun, and the sun's value.... is lost without the moon

96. A successful man's word is cons